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If you ever attempted to go on a diet, you may have remarked that following it may be difficult and complicated. Counting calories, marking every single meal and restraining yourself from eating your choice of foods may obscure the matters and provoke you to give up.

At Shikha Mahajan's weight loss centre, you will get your trainer that will make sure that your nutrition and diet plans are balanced, smooth and natural. We hand pick only those meals that are calorie efficient – ones include the most quantity of healthy nutrients and no “empty” calories. Since we prefer balance, we also give you the option to have fun and experience life to the fullest.

Rather than putting restrictions, we instruct you to make healthier choices – yet still, empower you to have an adventure. Enjoy meals with friends, or even have a shot and look like a goddess without ever thinking like you are on a diet!

We work with the immeasurable – our in-house nutritionist/dietitian Shikha Mahajan is an expert in many fields of nutrition and disease management and holds Registered Dietitian and is renowned as the best nutritionist in NCR.

1, RDs are the only organized health professionals in the discipline of nutrition.
2. Dietitians are equipped to offer Canadians science-based food and nutrition trust-worthy advice tailored to their fitness goals, favourites, and lifestyles.
3. Most dietitian services  are incorporated by health insurance 

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What Is Included In Our Package?

1. Initial assessment: body fat percentage and margin measurements (distance clients are given guidelines on how to take measures), lifestyle evaluation, medical history analysis, recognizing dietary restrictions and sensitivities determining powers and weaknesses, establishing goals and an original diet plan.

2 Follow up sessions: process assessment (including measurements), introducing modifications to your diet plan and recognizing and determining barriers. Scheduled around every one or two weeks individual.

3 State of the art, custom diet plan: that satisfies your needs and schedule. Artfully crafted, simple to follow, yet remarkably effective to reach your goals. Trained to modify the diet plan towards diverse cultural needs. Enjoy what you consume and get returns!

4 Supplementation guidance: get help gaining a sense of the thousands of supplements out there and support your body with only the top class dietary supplements!

5 Unlimited email/phone supports: to put you on track and to respond to all the inquiries you may have.

6 Sessions can be performed in-person or on the phone/skype for long distance clients

How can a Dietitian and Nutritionist help me?

While some dietitians regard to themselves as “nutritionists,” not all nutritionists are Enrolled, Dietitians. At Shikha Mahajan's Centre, we work only with Registered Dietitians (or RDs) who have governed health professionals and have coincided the education and training qualifications to be registered with the profession; they are food and nutrition specialists who can interpret the science of nutrition into practical guidance based on your particular needs. While fancy diets can help you lose weight fast, the weight necessarily creeps back on while possibly causing health risks. An RD will develop a reliable nutrition plan to satisfy your goals while optimizing overall nourishment and health.

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