Staying Healthy Like Akshay kumar

Staying Healthy Like Akshay Kumar: Diet, Exercise And Lifestyle

Akshay Kumar one of the fittest hero in the Bollywood. He has been a source of inspiration for most of the heroes and heroines in the industry. It’s been almost two years that he enters into his 50s. But still looks more fit and handsome that makes many of us attracted towards him. So what is his secret of being fit?

Akshay Kumar is a fitness freak even before he enters into Bollywood industry. He says he does not believe in exercising in a set way as it may become boring and monotonous. He always wanted to be fit in a natural way. He got well trained in martial arts and Taekwondo while working as a chef. He always wants his followers to follow a simple rule while trying to be fit, which is give at least one hour per day to one’s body for keeping itself fit and healthy.

Despite his tight schedule, he sets himself ready for waking up together with the sun and dining before the sun sets. This fitness freak super star is in bed after his dinner around 7.30 pm. “I love my sleep and I love to see the mornings. People who invite me to a party know that I will leave early because I have to be in bed. And let me tell you, I hate night shifts,” he reveals his thoughts with Karan Johar in Koffee with Karan, a reality show.

A disciplined life and a balanced diet along with regular workout routine in his fitness mantra.

Diet matters a lot:

Eating healthy homemade foods is his special secret of being fit. He is really fond of homemade foods which are cooked fresh. He starts his day along with the sun. The habit of waking up early morning is not that easy for a popular actor, since they may have late night shoots and so on. But whatever his work schedule, he is makes himself ready for the next day by early morning. Do you have any guess on what time does he wakes up? You may be little surprised when you know the actual timings. He used to get up by 4-4.30 am.

He starts his day with the heavy meals of parathas and a glass of milk which is then followed by nuts and fruits. Having nuts is very beneficial as it provided you all the healthy fats, and satisfies you’re in between meal hunger. It is a perfect snack for making you fit. Next comes the lunch. The lunch that is served to Akshay is a plate that is rich in lentils, wholesome veggies or lean protein and brown rice and final touch of yogurt. From this, we find that the fitness secret is having the protein rich lunch. The day ends with the healthy and an awesome dinner. He loves to have a soup and some sautéed veggies. This light combination gives you more energy and the sautéed veggies give you fullness. The timing of his dinner is around 6-7.30 pm. He believes in quick early dinner with the sunset. This practice is been followed by him, throughout his life. If he feels hungry after 7 pm, he recommends consuming egg white omlettes or soup as it may digest soon. According to Ayurveda, the food should be consumed before 2-3 hours before bed. This aids in the good digestion before your body gets into rest.

He made himself free from consuming any liquor or any other alcoholic beverages. The interesting thing is that he is a complete teetotaler. He never tasted coffee or tea. He follows a best diet plan and fitness regimen for his healthy and fit body. He always frees himself from nicotine. In case any official party is about to be attended, he always chooses protein and tries to avoid carbs. He recommends eating every three hours but the choice of food should be healthy. He avoids the packaged and other processed foods.

Exercise: the best option for being fit

Akshay Kumar, work out with the basic natural exercises like swimming, kick boxing, cycling, yoga and other martial arts that makes us fit. Here is his workout regimen.

  • Cycling to build up the core muscles: he says, we do not need a well structured gym. A simple cycle is all you needed for building up the core muscles.
  • Don’t neglect the neck exercises: there are various neck exercises like rotation and shaking your neck, the outdoor neck exercise with lot of wooden bead chain is said to be the best neck exercise. This is the best relaxation technique, according to the star. This exercise especially in the outdoor and in the early morning always kick starts your day with positive vibrations.
  • Sharpening the kick boxing moves: kick boxing is the best calorie burning exercise. It helps in the burning of calories in more quick way.
  • Swimming: the swimming, makes you burn calories more quickly and he practices it routinely for a well structured shape.
  • Practice yoga: the film actors undergo many forms of stress. It is not an easy way, to be an actor. Hence, keep our mind in a relaxed and control our emotions, yoga are the best option. Akshay never forgets to do some meditation and yoga exercise. In yoga, he practices Yamas, Niyamas, Santosha, meditation and yoga exercises.
  • Train your triceps and work your abs; if you are looking for the six pack, a few crunches does not give you the cut. You make it when you are really on the track of 5 sets of 50 sit ups with heavy pad beats between each repetition.
  • Play your favorite sport

According to Akshay Kumar, the gymming is not the priority for fitness. But he believes that martial arts that makes one’s life fit and healthy. As a martial art practitioner, he likes to perform the parkour. He prefers the lean muscle than a bulky one. He covers the natural fitness preparations that favor the core exercise.

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Life style: a simple modification makes a vast difference

Akshay Kumar follows a simple life style that every other common man follows. He has the habit of working out regularly with the balanced and healthy diet. He avoids late night shoots and parties and even some award functions. He never diets but eats everything in the right time. So, wasn’t that easy to follow his simple life style to be fit as he is now? So with no delay, just kick start your day with Akshay Kumar.

Akshay Kumar is the fabulous actor with a fit outlook. His fitness secrets are fairly easy to be followed. Hence, let us take a try to follow his simple regimen and enjoy being healthy.

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