Foods Good for Brain Health

Foods Good for Brain Health

Human brain, the central organ of our nervous system. Along with the spinal cord, it forms the central nervous system of the body. The actions of the brain are really a big deal. Being the central organ, it aids your heart beating, lung to breathe and make you move, flip, jump, walk, hear, blink and what not. With all these functions to be in a regular and sequenced way, the brain has to be fully super active and healthy of course. The foods we eat are converted to nutrients that gets absorbed by the blood stream and taken to brain cell for its energy.

There are some special foods that boost your brain health. Every food is a super food, but these are special and aids in the beneficial effect of brain health. As a health care professional, I have come across many clients who are really in need of nutrients and some physical and mental exercise to boost the brain power. I really feel happy that I can use this space, to let them know some of the special foods that boost their brain health. So, shall we move into the food list? Here we go!

FATTY FISH                                    

This being first in the list, provides you all the nutrients that are very essential for the brain power. Consuming a fatty fish will provide you the omega 3 fatty acids, the nutrient that is responsible for the building up of nerve cell in the brain. The fatty fish include the types of tuna, salmon and sardines, all of which are the excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids. This type of fatty acid is not produced in the body hence needs to be received from diet. You can very well have five ounces of omega 3 fatty fish for twice a week. Researches claim that consuming baked or boiled fish regularly increase the gray matter of the brain, where the nerve cell for decision making and controlling memory and emotion. Overall the fatty fish are the excellent choice for boosting your brain power.


The best refreshment drink, coffee is in second state in its role in improving the brain health. Coffee, the word mesmerizes, as we think of the flavor and taste. The coffee is composed of two main ingredients called caffeine and some antioxidants that are very essential in improving the brain health. The caffeine in the coffee is the component that helps in the several brain functions like

  • Increased alertness – by blocking the adenosine receptors
  • Increase the mood – by boosting the feel good neurotransmitter called serotonin.
  • Sharp concentration – a perfect cup in the morning makes you concentrate more on your daily tasks, thus improving its efficiency too.

Coffee, when consumed for a longer term, aids in the reduction of neurological disease called Parkinson’s syndrome and Alzheimer disease, claims some researches.

It reduces the rate of dementia among the people who are really coffee lovers. Up to three cups of black coffee, a day is recommended. Black and green teas are rich in brain boosting antioxidants. While preparing tea, make sure that you steep the leaves for a little long time to get the extract.


The green tea, that is trending now, aids in the boosting of brain health. The green tea, as we all know contain a lot of antioxidants serves us many benefits. In that way, the primary component that is very helpful in boosting our brain power is that L-theanine. It is the amino acid that can cross the blood brain barrier, and increase the activity of neurotransmitter called GABA, that is responsible for relieving the anxiety and thus making us relax. The caffeine, in the green tea, improves the alertness and its antioxidants like polyphenols aids in the prevention of Alzheimer disease.


Yes! Dark chocolate most of ours’ favorite snack. This on consuming increases the brain health. Dark chocolates contain flavonoids which improve the blood flow to the brain thus reducing the inflammation. These flavonoids in the chocolate gather themselves in the areas of the brain that are responsible for learning and memory. It is a best mood buster. If you are really stressed have a dark chocolate and you will feel the difference. This dark chocolate declines the age related mental decline.


The spice that makes our food yummy, are on the track of foods that improve the brain health. Many herbs and spices like turmeric, cinnamon and ginger from our traditional cooking aids in the reduction of inflammation in the brain. These are packed with antioxidants that help us in many ways. Cur-cumin, the active component of turmeric, can cross the blood-brain barrier so easily and thus enter the brain directly and benefiting the cell therein. This cur-cumin has following benefits like-

  • May benefit in memory – used in the treatment of Alzheimer. It clears the amyloid plaques that are the main causative agent for this disease.
  • Eases depression – by boosting serotonin and dopamine, the cur-cumin also aids in the reduction of depression symptoms in a way similar to anti depressant drugs.
  • Helps in the new cell growth – by increasing the brain derived neurotropic factor, it increase the growth of new brain cells thus declining the mental illness.

The veggies like broccoli, spinach and fruits like blueberries, oranges and black berries are mainly the super foods that boost the brain power. The broccoli, consist of Vitamin K, delivering almost 100% of the RDA, is responsible for the formation of sphingolipids, a fat that is densely packed in the brain cells. Beyond vitamin K, the broccoli contains many antioxidants and anti inflammation properties that helps in the prevention of brain damage. The fruits like orange, blue berries and raspberries are the foods that contain antioxidants that decline the mental illness and thus boosting the brain power. The vitamin C in the oranges and anthocyanins in the blue berries act against the oxidative stress and inflammation that contribute to the brain aging and inflammation. Thus its activity serves in the decline of the risk of Alzheimer, a syndrome associated with memory.

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Pumpkin seeds are power packed with antioxidants and minerals like zinc, iron, magnesium and copper. Each mineral is very essential in its own way, thus improving the brain functions.

  • Zinc – responsible for nerve signaling thus preventing us from Alzheimer and other neurological disease.
  • Magnesium – essential mineral that aids in the learning and memory. Deficiency of this mineral may leads to poor memory, migraines, epilepsy and depression.
  • Copper – controls the nerves signal, thus when this is out of its track, the degenerative diseases are on its way.
  • Iron – the essential mineral that is when deficient results in brain fog and impaired brain functions.

Red vine, an alcoholic toast, contains the antioxidant resveratrol, which is responsible for preventing the brain cell damage, thus protecting us from the formation of damaging plaques in the brain. Not a vine in taker? Enjoy the red grape juice and reap the benefits. If you are on the alcoholic lover, taste the red vine, a potential health benefited.


Eggs are the richest source of choline and other vitamins that are responsible in proper brain functioning and its development. It is enhances our mood too.


Nuts are the foods that contain many brain boosting nutrients like vitamin E, healthy fats and other plant compounds, which are responsible for many benefits for brain health. The researches have shown that women who eat nuts regularly have a sharp memory. While all the nuts are extremely good, walnuts are on the special point since it possesses omega 3 fatty acids too.

Thus brain, our major organ should be kept healthy by consuming healthy foods. Have your plates be filled with these super foods and enjoy the benefits.

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