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Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss: Reality or a Myth?

Filled with acetic acid, Apple Cider Vinegar has multiple benefits. Made out of fermented crushed apples, which turns sugar to alcohol and alcohol to acetic acid, apple cider vinegar has a pungent taste. There is a prevalent belief that apple cider vinegar is for weight loss. As it contains a lot of acetic acids, it is extremely useful not only for weight loss but also for various health-related reasons. Here are a few reasons why apple cider vinegar should be consumed on a daily basis.

  1. Apple cider vinegar for weight loss:
    We have all faced the feeling of having eaten a lot and then feeling hungry in a few hours. Consuming apple cider vinegar is going to reduce your appetite drastically. If you are someone who indulges in overeating a lot, drinking apple cider vinegar is something that you should do on a regular basis.Apple cider vinegar for weight loss
  2. Controlled Blood Sugar:
    Apple cider vinegar for weight loss and also for regulating blood sugar. We tend to consume a lot of carbohydrates in our day to day lives, which in turn spikes up the blood sugar levels. As the apple cider vinegar consists of acetic acid and helps in regulation of blood sugar because it blocks certain enzymes which absorb carbohydrates in our system. It is great for someone with type 2 cider vinegar to control blood sugars
  3. Increases metabolism:

Having a high metabolism rate means that one is able to drop weight faster. Apple cider vinegar speeds up the metabolism rate, which in turn would lead to weight loss. As the metabolism rate is high the body will speed up the rate of fat burn. High metabolism also means fewer hunger spans as compared to those in the past.Apple cider vinegar

How to consume apple cider vinegar?

When planning to consume apple cider vinegar for weight loss, it is crucial that you dilute it with a glass of water before consuming. As it has an overpoweringly bitter taste, you could also mix it with a natural sweetener like honey. Diluting it before consumption is crucial, as the undiluted vinegar is harmful to your oral health and can cause tooth decay. Make sure that you consume it in controlled quantities, as anything in excess can have its harmful effects. Contact a professional to help you figure out the right dosage which is suitable for your needs.Apple cider vinegar Images

A Reality or a myth?

Apple cider vinegar for weight loss, a reality or a myth? Every weight loss technique takes time to show its results. So it is crucial that you have patience with this and consume the apple cider vinegar twice a day, an hour before a meal. You will slowly start to see changes in your skin and then with appetite. The decrease in appetite and increase in metabolism will kick start the fat burning process. Apple cider vinegar for weight loss is a reality as long as you have the patience to go through with it.

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